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Kate Williams brings more than 20 years executive leadership experience, and in addition is a Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Index - Master Practitioner

"Kate is an honest broker of information; a guide who doesn't tell me an answer, but helps me reason into my own; an instigator to confront the crucial questions that are easy to ignore when flying solo; a leader who's been in the arena, facing adversity and rising to compete again. If you want to stay in your comfort zone, look elsewhere. If you're ready to do the work required to think, act, and lead bravely, Kate will help you make it so, and be your biggest supporter on the journey."

Lisa Chapello, Stanford Graduate School of Business alumna, Colorado


Meet Kate

Certified Professional Coach

Energy Leadership Index - Master Practitioner

I am. What powerful words those are. And a big part of my commitment as a coach is to support each of my clients in living their most powerful and dynamic "I am."


And I believe we can all be many things: I am a mother, a professional, a friend, an athlete, a leader, a woman, a gardener, a lover of early mornings, a worrier, an optimist, a reader.... On a given day, the order of those things may change. But every day, they are all part of who I am and how I navigate the world. And they are all part of how I coach, with a focus on the whole of who you are.

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